Beer Paradise | News of the Brews – April 2017
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News of the Brews – April 2017

News of the Brews – April 2017

We lead this month with a single beer from a very well-regarded new brewery, DEYA Brewery. Their Steady Rolling Man (5.2% pale ale). DEYA are part of the move towards hazy, unfined beers that characterise much of the output of Verdant Brewing and other new wave luminaries. It’s in slightly limited quantities, so there is a half-case allocation in place for now.


It’s been a while since Roosters Brewing Co added a new beer to their core range, but 24/7 is just that – a 4.7% session IPA, stuffed full of Amarillo, Chinook, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin, producing “a punchbowl aroma of lemon, tangerine and gooseberry, followed by a balanced grapefruit bitterness”. Their Pilsnear (4.8%, pale ale brewed with German and Czech noble hops) makes its annual appearance too.


For the first time, we have Marble Brewery PINT (3.9% session ale) in 50cl cans. Whether this sends a confusing mixed-measure message to drinkers remains to be seen (is it a pint or a half-litre?), but the beer is as banging as ever. Also in stock, Tuckerlovsky Session IPA (4.7%), and just as soon as they send us the tie-on labels, Lost Your Marbles (8.8% barrel-aged forest fruit imperial stout)


We have a couple of new beers from Wylam Brewery to complement their excellent core range. Into The Mystic is a hazy 5.8% New England pale ale, stuffed full of juicy hops. And if you like your DIPAs dank and resinous, then Sticky Bud DIPA (8.7%) is going to be very much up your street.


Making its annual appearance, we have just unloaded a goodly stack of Beavertown Bloody Ell (7.2% blood orange IPA). This beer always induces mild hysteria and panic-buying, but this year Beavertown are assuring everyone that there will be plenty to go round. To quote them directly: “There will be at least seven double brews of Bloody ‘Ell though, so no panic in the aisles, women and children first (please don’t give any children Bloody ‘Ell)“


We have had some specials from Northern Monk come and go with alarming speed, but we do still have a little bit of their Citra-stuffed 10% DIPA Double Heathen. This will sell out within the week, so please step lively if you’d like to grab some. Stocks of their core range are decent currently.


No doubt you’ll be used to the ever-changing range of beers that Arbor Ales make, but we have a couple that are particularly noteworthy currently. Alongside a plethora of other hoppy beers (do check the full list), their superb Breakfast Stout (7.4%) makes a return, and we also see a blood orange saison Blorange (5.2%) for the first time. And lastly, Lime in the Coconut IPA (6.5%) is just what it says on the label – an IPA with lime and coconut.



AND FINALLY a brewery local to us who have been taking time out, but are now very much back on it – Ghost Brewing have a trio of pale ‘n’ hoppy beers at increasing levels of intensity: Reaper (4.4% session IPA), Banshee (5.2% India Rye Ale) and Phantom (5.3% IPA)