Beer Paradise | News of the Brews – August 2017
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News of the Brews – August 2017

News of the Brews – August 2017

We’ll lead this month with what we’re most excited about – three new beers from the fantastic Odyssey Brew Co. There are lots of reasons we like Odyssey – their beers are great (that’s the main reason, of course), they decided to buy a high-spec bottling machine rather than go the canning route, as they felt that it was tried and tested technology. They are also beloved of lots of great brewers (there’s a collab in the pipeline with DEYA, for example). And we’ve actually done a collab with them too – watch this space for further details! But for now, we’re delighted to have in stock Grievous Angel 2 (9% chocolate orange and coffee imperial brown ale), Hop Fiend Mosaic DIPA (8.5%), and Cassie Pale Ale (6%).


Summer is always a time when we see cider sales increase, so we’ve added what we think is good quality and good value range from Celtic Marches Ciders. Lily the Pink is a 4.5% medium and fruity cider, Slack Alice is a 4.6% medium, slightly tart yet mellow cider, and Thundering Molly is a 5.2% medium, fruity & well rounded cider.



A new listing in June, Electric Bear Brewing have been flying out, and have also added some new specials to their range. Please see the current list for the full range – newer beers are: Eazy (4.8% American wheat ale w/ Mosaic & El Dorado) Oat So Simcoe (5.8% oatmeal session IPA), Drop (4.2% hoppy red ale) and NZ Pale (4.5% New Zealand hopped pale ale).



Continuing their current creative streak, Marble Brewery have put a cheeky twist on their much-loved session ale PINT (remember the one that had a trading standards complaint against it because it said PINT in big letters, but was only 50cl?). Saison du Pint is the same beer, but fermented with the revered Dupont saison yeast strain. Saison Dupont…. Saison du Pint….



Hot on the heels of their Spring seasonal Rooting Around Spring (just a few bottles of that left) comes Rooting Around Summer. A slightly bigger-bodied beast at 6%, this edition is a barrel-aged sour brewed with cherry tree buds, shoots and blossom. And we also have fresh stocks of their spiced pineapple sour Tepache.




A bit of rooting around in the warehouse recently revealed that we currently have 2 different versions of Duvel Tripel HopHBC291 and Citra. They don’t often overlap, but this strikes me as a perfect opportunity for a comparitive tasting of one of the world’s classic beers, no?


We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent, so when we met the guys from Boundary Brewing at Verdant Brewing Co’s Little Summer Beer Bash (sorry for the clunky name drop there!), we thought, well, why not? They’re a (very) small independent brewery from Northern Ireland, making a (very) wide range of tasty beers. We’ve 4 variants of Push & Pull, their ever-changing IPA, Forever Ago (6% New England IPA), Filthy Animal (5% hazelnut, vanilla and chipotle porter), Export Stout (7%), and a sensational large-bottle collab with Leeds’ Zapato Brewery, You’re Not Getting Any (8.3% imperial oatmeal blueberry milk stout). (UPDATE – THIS IS DELAYED IN TRANSIT, SHOULD BE AVAILABLE W/C 14TH AUGUST)




Also in transit, we have a big restock of Belgian beer arriving shortly, including a couple of harder-to-find editions of Boon lambics – more info when it lands and we unpack it all. Also heading towards us at the moment, we have a big restock of To Ol beers – again, more info once it’s unpacked and warehoused.