Beer Paradise | News of the Brews – May 2017
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News of the Brews – May 2017

News of the Brews – May 2017

A bit of an update about one of the most eagerly sought-after breweries of 2017, Cloudwater Brewing Co. We understand that there is never enough to go around, and the current system of half-case allocations is frustrating, but for the foreseeable future that is going to be the norm. Cloudwater are oversubscribed on everything they produce, and while we currently have some of their new NW DIPA in stock, this will be gone all too soon. What we can tell you is that we call at the brewery and collect whatever is available, so we will always have something from them, and it will always be brewery-fresh.

We’ve dipped our toe in the water with a new Scandinavian brewery, Dry & Bitter. Their Fat & Fruity IPA won beer of the festival at Hop City Leeds, no small achievement at a hop-led beer festival. So we have 5 variations on IPA from them: Simcoe Bale Ale (4.6% session IPA), Dank & Juicy IPA (6.2%), Disobedience IPA (6.2%), Fruity IPA (6.5%) and Hobo Chic (8% DIPA).


A new brewery to us, Gipsy Hill Brewing were a no-brainer to list, producing as they do fabulously clean, fresh hop-forward beers. We love the amount of flavour that they pack into their (mostly lower-strength)beers, and we think you will too. Currently in stock, Beatnik Pale Ale (3.8%), Hepcat (4.6% session IPA) Southpaw (4.2% hoppy amber ale) and Walloon (7% Belgian IPA).


Buxton Brewery have been a bit quiet this year, but we’re happy to have had a recent delivery from them, replenishing stocks of Axe Edge and Trolltunga (6.3% gooseberry sour IPA). Returning after a long absence we have their Imperial Black (7.5% black IPA), and a new beer – Myrcia (4% oatmeal hopburst session IPA)


Knock me down with a feather, you wait ages for a new Roosters beer, then two arrive at the same time. As well as their new core session IPA 24/7, we currently have a new special, Highway 51 (3.7% pale ale with oodles of Mosaic, Centennial and Rakau hops), which continues the Roosters tradition of fabulously clean, hop-stuffed pale beers with wonderful drinkability.



If you want to grab stock of Beavertown Bloody Ell, now is the time to do it. Tied to the blood orange season, Beavertown have just done the last packing run for this year’s release, so once we sell out, that’s it until 2018.




Wylam Brewery continue their seemingly unstoppable rise to greatness with yet another superb hoppy beer – The Upside Down, a 6.4% IPA brewed in collaboration with hop merchants Simply Hops. We’ve also managed to prise a few more cases of their collab with Northern Monk, Brodirblod (6% rye and juniper ale) from their reluctant, clawed hands.


After a short absence, we’ve had a substantial restock from gluten-free hop-heads First Chop. All of their current beers are certified gluten-free, and in stock now we have: SYL (6.2% black IPA), POD (4.2% vanilla stout), JAM (4% mango pale ale), SUP (3.9% session ale), HOP (4.1% ultra-pale session IPA), POP (5.4% citrus IPA) and AVA (3.5% hoppy blonde ale).


AND FINALLY, we have secured more stock of Marble Brewery’s red wine barrel-aged, forest fruit-infused imperial stout Lost Your Marbles. Just look at it!