Beer Paradise | News of the Brews – October 12th 2018
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News of the Brews – October 12th 2018

News of the Brews – October 12th 2018

This weeks update features beers from Ridgeside, Marble, Tiny Rebel, and Magic Rock.

Magic Rock The Wave Project 50cl 5.2% DDH SIPA collab with Humble Sea from California
Magic Rock What are The Odds hazy DIPA 50cl 8.3% collab with Verdant
Magic Rock Zenne Like CAN 24×50 6.5% Belgian IPA collab w De La Senne

Plus core range too!




Marble Flying Triangle Brut IPA 50cl 7.4%
Marble Berimbolo Hoppy Blonde 50cl 4.5%
Marble Grape Soda Berliner Weisse collab with Steep Soda 33cl 3.8%

Tiny Rebel Peaches & Cream IPA 33cl 5.5%

Tiny Rebel Imp Imperial Chocolate Stay Puft Marshmellow Porter 33cl 9%

Tiny Rebel Kir Royale 33cl 6.2% Loka Polly collab

Ridgeside Typhoons Decide NEIPA 44cl 6.5%
Ridgeside Culture Shock IPA Kveik yeast collab with Twisted Barrel 44cl 6.2%