Beer Paradise | News of the Brews – May 2018
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News of the Brews – May 2018

News of the Brews – May 2018

As ever, we have beers from Verdant and Cloudwater arriving regularly, but to list what they are here would do you a disservice, as they tend to sell out immediately. Just to recap though, we get deliveries from Cloudwater every week, and beers in from Verdant every 10 days or so.

As you will no doubt be aware, Magic Rock are about to unleash their annual release of Human and Unhuman Cannonball, adding a new variant this year – Neo-Human. Allocations of this are going to be small, and we will do our level best to make sure everyone gets some.


We get sent lots of samples, and it’s always nice when that yields something surprising. The beers that we’ve got from Mad Squirrel currently are all, to use a slang term, bangin’. Some of the best we’ve had in a while, in fact. The current range comprises Ascension (6% quadruple-hopped saison), Roadkill (6.5% New England IPA), Sumo (4.7% American pale ale) and High Score (4.8% India pale lager).



We’re delighted to have some Pressure Drop back in the warehouse. Along with their Verdant collab The Experiment Requires That You Continue (7.4% NE IPA – very limited, so half case allocations), we also have Cheeky (3.8% session IPA), Pfaff (5% dry-hopped Belgian pale ale), Domino Topple (7.2% IPA), Bad For Business (8.5% DIPA), and How We Roll (5.8% Belgian chocolate stout with cacao nibs)



Straight outta South Manchester, we have a brace of new beers from Burton Road Brewing. Session IPA (4%) is a text-book tropical fruity quaffer, and IPA (5.6%) is liberally dry hopped with Citra and Chinook. They are also packaged in fully craft-compliant 44cl cans.



Riding high on their recent Crowdfunding success to extend their taproom, Brew York continue to impress with the quality and variety of their output. New in we have Juice Forsyth (4.6% hazy session IPA), A Fierce Scotsman in Brew York (6.1% mango and lime granita sour) and Hey Mango (6.1% mango ice cream IPA), but as ever, don’t just check out the new beers – their whole range is extensive and enjoyable.




Vocation Brewery don’t produce many new beers these days, but when they do, they’re always bankers. Love & Hate is a New England IPA, 5.5% and full of lovely hazy hop character.




Wylam Brewery continue their unstoppable rise to greatness via a couple of canned releases – In Every Dream Home A Heartache (6% sour mash IPA, collab with North Brewing, Dry & Bitter and Track) and Open (2) Persuasion (8.3% DIPA collab with Track)