Beer Paradise | News of the Brews – January 2018
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News of the Brews – January 2018

News of the Brews – January 2018

We have a little bit of stock from everyone’s current favourite brewery, Verdant, although this will likely sell out today. But there’s good news! They now have their own canning line, plus increased capacity, so supplies of their beer should become a bit more regular. Although that said, there is every chance that demand will match their new capacity as well. But what we can tell you is that we should have more regular deliveries of beer from them, including (in the next week or so) their collab with Beavertown, Shut Up And Play The Hits.


Mancunian hop-botherers Cloudwater have had a great year, and we see only greatness from them in the year ahead. While supplies of their beers aren’t huge, we do get to the latest releases every week, by virtue of collecting them ourselves from the brewery. Again, stocks will never be huge, but whatever we do have will be as fresh as it’s possible to achieve, and will be the current release. Again, we have a tiny amount of beer available currently, following a fallow Christmas (which sadly saw them have their computers stolen), but supplies will once again be flowing like, well, beer.




We’re delighted to watch Wylam’s star burn ever-brighter too. They are moving into a schedule of specials while at the same time slimming down their core range, so expect a bit more variety from them in 2018. There are cans scheduled for release early February, including the latest version of their Yeastie Boys collab WxY3. But until then, get some of their new double dry hopped rye pale ale Catcher In The Rye, along with the delicious hazelnut coffee porter Macchiato and their Hawkshead collab Pleasures In The Darkness



The beers from Vocation Brewery continue to impress us, although we are still not buying anything that is in wider commercial distribution (meaning the supermarkets) However, Vocation are also making a range of beers that only gets released to the independent sector, so that’s what we’re listing currently. A couple of stouts and a hazy IPA (Blueprint, a collab with Atom) should be bang on trend for January, don’t you think?



We have a decent range of cans in stock currently from Marble Brewery. The highlights for us are Dobber, a dazzling hop-riot squeezed into a pale beer, and the cheese-friendly Barley Wine, suitable for contemplative sipping in front of the fire, with a decent cheeseboard. But don’t take our wor d for it – check out the range in the current list, there’s everything from barrel-aged imperial stout (Lost Your Marbles), to Earl Grey IPA, to tropical pilsners (It’s Beer, Not Candles, collab with Cigar City Brewing)



We’re always delighted to have new beers (and old) from Tempest Brewing Co, but they’ve really outdone themselves this time! Their devastatingly good Bourbon Barrel Mexicake, a spiced imperial stout, sees the light of day again. And Soma (formerly Bomber IPA) also makes a welcome return. Then two new beers too! Tangerine Porter does exactly what it says on the label – a smashed chocolate orange of a beer. And Attack of the Killer Crab (note: does not contain crab) is the next installment of DIPAs, following on from last year’s Alligator Man. Thrown in a comprehensive restock of other core beers that take in pale hoppy beers, IPAs, sours and dark beers, and you’ve got a killer range right there.