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CHIMAY Gold wholesale

CHIMAY Gold - 330ml

  • ABV: 4.8 %
  • Brewery: CHIMAY
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Case Size: 24 x 330ml bottles

Product Details

Chimay Gold (Dorée), brewed with a similar recipe as the renowned Première, is paler and has a delightful infusion of coriander. Initially reserved exclusively for the abbey monks and patrons of the nearby inn, Auberge de Poteaupré, the Dorée has now found its way into the hands of beer enthusiasts worldwide. With a lower alcohol content compared to other Chimay ales, this brew has gained popularity as a refreshing dessert beer. Its wide availability allows consumers to savour its crisp flavors and relish in its unique qualities. The Dorée embodies the essence of Chimay's craftsmanship, delivering a gratifying and enjoyable drinking experience.

Brasserie Chimay
Chimay Brewery is a world-renowned Belgian Trappist brewery located in the province of Hainaut. It was founded in 1862 and is famous for producing authentic Trappist beers, brewed by monks within the walls of their monastery. Chimay is one of the thirteen Trappist breweries in the world that produce certified Trappist beers.The brewery produces several types of beer, each with its own unique flavor profile, including Chimay Blue, Chimay Grande Reserve, Chimay Cinq Cents, Chimay Premiere, and Chimay Tripel. The beers are made using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients, resulting in rich and complex flavors that have won the hearts of beer lovers worldwide.Chimay is also dedicated to sustainability and uses renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels, to power their brewery. Additionally, they are committed to giving back to the community and have established a foundation to support social and environmental initiatives in the local area.
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