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CELTIC MARCHES CIDER Strawberry and Lime wholesale

CELTIC MARCHES CIDER Strawberry and Lime - 500ml

  • ABV: 4.0 %
  • Origin: Bishops Frome, Worcester, England
  • Case Size: 12 x 500ml bottles

Product Details

With a delightful aroma of freshly crushed strawberries and a tangy lime finish, this fruity cider boasts a perfect balance of sweetness and zing. Awarded a Diploma at the 2019 British Bottlers Institute Awards, this 4% blend of crisp citrus and luscious fruit flavors delivers a burst of refreshing taste. Handcrafted from the finest Herefordshire cider apples, this cider has a carefully balanced sweetness and sourness, expertly tempered by our expert artisans. And, whether sipped alone or paired with your favorite meal, it's a pure delight that's never from concentrate.

Celtic Marches are one of the UK’s largest self-sustaining cider producers. We grow, pick and press our own apples on the family farm. Known globally for our delicious, award-winning ciders and quirky names, we use our traditional skills and knowledge, complemented by modern techniques in our ‘Pip to Pint’ approach. We have full control over our craft, from the planting, to orchard maintenance, harvest to fermentation; our family is passionate to the core. Our full range is gluten free and suitable for vegans!
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