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SCHNEIDER Aventinus wholesale

SCHNEIDER UND SOHN Aventinus - 500ml

  • ABV: 8.2 %
  • Origin: Germany
  • Case Size: 20 x 500ml bottles

Product Details

Mein Aventinus is a true Bavarian classic – dark ruby colored wheat beer with a unique combination of robust body, sweet malt aroma and balanced taste. With over a hundred years of history, this “Doppelbock” offers an unparalleled experience when it comes to wheat beer. The combination of flavors and textures provides an excellent accompaniment to rustic dishes, dark roasts and sweet desserts, while the powerful, yet balanced taste and warming effect of the beer make it the ideal companion for any golden moments spent by the fireplace. Its unmistakable hearty flavor and bold, tender notes ensure that this wheat beer will linger on your tongue long after the last sip has been taken. Enjoy a classic wheat beer like no other and embrace your golden moments.
RATEBEER SCORE 100 (100 By Style)

We believe that pleasure truly enriches our lives. That's why we brew our beers with much pleasure right from the start, applying distinct methods, natural, regional ingredients and rich flavours - unique and always special. This way we create exceptional beers, as special as life itself. This requires to rely on quality without compromise, even if this means greater investments in time and labour. Our range of products shows, that in the face of all challenges we never lose our joy and curiosity when following new and at time crazy ideas.
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