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AUGUSTINER Helles wholesale

AUGUSTINER Helles - 500ml

  • ABV: 5.2 %
  • Brewery: AUGUSTINER
  • Origin: Germany
  • Case Size: 20 x 500ml bottles

Product Details

Augustinerbrau Helles is a traditional Munich-style pale lager with a crisp and clean flavour. Brilliant gold in colour, with a subtle but appealing aroma of fresh-baked bread, crackers, and a hint of noble hops. On the palate, Augustinerbrau Helles is light-bodied and refreshing, with a balanced malt sweetness that gives way to a mild bitterness from the hops, plus toasted grains, biscuits, and a touch of honey, with a subtle herbal finish that lingers.

Founded in 1328, Augustinerbrau is one of the oldest and most revered breweries in Munich, Germany. Situated in the heart of the city's historic district, the brewery has been producing traditional Bavarian beer for over 690 years, and its flagship brand, Augustiner Helles, is widely regarded as one of the best lagers in the world.The brewery's commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every aspect of its production process, from the sourcing of the finest barley and hops to the use of open fermentation tanks and the careful aging of its beers. Visitors to the brewery's beer hall can experience the unique atmosphere of a true Bavarian beer garden, complete with traditional cuisine, live music, and of course, plenty of Augustiner beer.
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