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JEVER Pilsner - 330ml

  • ABV: 4.9 %
  • Brewery: JEVER
  • Origin: Germany
  • Case Size: 24 x 330ml cans

Product Details

Jever boasts an impressive 44 units of bitterness, making it one of the drier, hoppier beers in the lager world, as indicated by 'herb' on the label. Jever add more hops when brewing to create the unique taste that distinguishes Jever Pilsener from other lagers.


RATEBEER SCORE 35 (69 By Style)


The story of the Frisian brewery in Jever begins in 1848. On November 10th, innkeeper Diedrich König announced that he was selling a bottle of beer. At this point, the brewery was just one of many in the region. At that time there were more than 20 small breweries in the region. But Diedrich König firmly believes that his beer is something very special. And he was right. After the death of Diedrich König, Theodor Fetköter bought the brewery on July 27, 1867. Diligently and conscientiously, he brews an excellent beer. Where others delivered their beer in normal mugs, Theodor Fetköter insisted on special bottles in 1870. The small brewery grows into a large brewery. Master brewer Ernst Böhme has an idea: he adds a touch more hops to the particularly pure and soft water. This creates the Frisian-tart taste that makes a Jever Pilsener.


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