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BENEDIKTINER Weissbier - 500ml

  • ABV: 5.4 %
  • Origin: Germany
  • Case Size: 12 x 500ml bottles

Product Details

A full wheaty taste with a bright amber colour
A refreshing and assertive Weissbier exhibiting a rich and supple elegance. An opaque orange-golden honey color with pale foam - stable and fine.
Tartness commingles with sweet aromas of dark honey and ripe grains, invigorated by a piquant spiciness from which orange peel, Alpine herbs, hops and cloves emerge.




Brewed at Licher Privatbrauerei Jhring-Melchior

The history of our wheat beer begins in the Benedictine abbey at the Ettal monastery. It has a brewing tradition developed by Benediktiner monks 400 years ago which we still honour today. Here are our roots, and the things that have made our beer special to this day - the tranquillity of the monastery, which is set at an altitude of 877 metres, a philosophy of treating nature and raw materials with respect, and the Benedictine attention to detail.
Remaining calm without standing still - if you want to preserve traditions, you need to pass them on. That's why we shared our ancient brewing traditions with the Licher Privatbrauerei, a place where they could shine in a new light. By bringing our tried-and-tested recipe to this new location, we ensured that our Benediktiner beers are brewed in complete accordance with Benedictine principles.
Which is why we not only export our beers, but our Benedictine principles too, sharing them with those who are short of time and relaxation. For us, the ingredients that make well-balanced Weissbier are also the recipe for good living. And because we believe this should be shared, we expanded our business from the restaurant business to retail, and from Germany into the world. With each Benediktiner beer, we have the opportunity to pass on the time-honoured wisdom that goes into its creation. To your good health!


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