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MAGIC ROCK BREWING CO Freeride Citra wholesale

MAGIC ROCK BREWING CO Freeride Citra - 330ml

  • ABV: 0.1 %
  • Origin: Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
  • Case Size: 12 x 330ml cans

Product Details

Take a sip and find yourself feeling refreshed and exhilarated as the flavorful alcohol-free pale ale envelops your taste buds. The combination of Citra hops bring soft citrus and floral aromas, complimented by refreshing hints of lime, juicy peach, and lip-smacking lychee. On the finish, you’ll get a smooth and light bitterness for a well-rounded, flavorful experience. Pursuit one minute, chill the next; no matter your preference, this Alcohol Free Pale Ale is crafted to provide the perfect taste for every occasion.

-Established in 2011, Magic Rock Brewing is the fruition of a lifelong passion for beer. Drawing inspiration from both the local brewing traditions and the dynamic US beer scene, Magic Rock Brewing delivers a taste experience that is anything but ordinary. With a keen attention to detail, we craft exceptional beer that is bursting with flavour, vibrancy, and consistency. We take pride in serving our own beers, which we enjoy drinking ourselves, to everyone who shares our passion. Our beer is packaged in kegs, casks, and cans, as we believe that different dispenses provide different experiences. So, whether you’re outdoors, at the pub, or at home, Magic Rock has something for you. We understand that, like us, you don’t have time for bland, flavourless, or inconsistent beer. So, sit back, relax, and drink the magic for yourself.
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