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VERDANT BREWING CO Fruit Car Sight Exhibition (KEGSTAR) wholesale

VERDANT BREWING CO Fruit Car Sight Exhibition (KEGSTAR) - 20l

  • ABV: 8.0 %
  • Origin: Falmouth, Cornwall, England
  • Case Size: 1 x 20l sankey

Product Details

All the Citra hops brought to the fore in one of our most loved DIPA’s. Our house yeast, soft water and English malt blend elevate the hops to completely satisfying levels of saturation. Aromas of mango, citrus fruit and melon mingle with a slight sherbet vanilla character. Full and dense yet light and quaffable.Packed with Citra, Citra and guess what? MORE CITRA! - You get the gist. One of Verdants flagship and most cherished beers. A beautifully hopped DIPA, full of citric based fruits with a little sweety goodness.
In 2014, we started Verdant to make beers that we love. Nothing’s changed. It’s still about taste, quality, and all ’round deliciousness. Think juicy, hoppy, unfiltered, hazy beers that are always vegan! That’s us. Apart from the vegan bit. We’re bad at being vegan, but our beers are great at it. We’re independent, and always will be - that way we can continue to push boundaries and make beer we love, and hopefully you will love them too.
Verdant began life back in Autumn 2014 when homebrewers Adam and James teamed up with Rich to craft US-inspired beers that weren’t available locally. Since then the team has continued to grow alongside the demand for our beer! Over the past few years we’ve become synonymous with hop-forward beer styles including pale ale, India pale ale (IPA) and double IPA (DIPA). Our ethos revolves around brewing the flavour-packed beers we love to drink, and ensuring that beer lovers across the U.K. have access to delicious, quality-driven releases week after week.
Hoppy, juicy, hazy, unfiltered, vegan-friendly beers! When Verdant began to bloom back in 2014, we decided that our focus would be hop-forward beers inspired by the New England craft beer scene. Over the last few years we’ve continued to develop both our core offerings such as Headband and Lightbulb, and special releases. We’ve placed an emphasis on balance and drinkability while taking inspiration from the beers of both the East and West Coasts of the United States.
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