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SAMUEL SMITH BREWERY Organic Apricot wholesale

SAMUEL SMITH BREWERY Organic Apricot - 355ml

  • ABV: 5.1 %
  • Origin: Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England
  • Case Size: 24 x 355ml bottles

Product Details

Samuel Smith's Apricot Ale is a refreshing and well-balanced beer with a subtle apricot flavour. On the nose, there are distinct fruity notes of apricot, as well as a hint of biscuit and honey sweetness. The beer is crisp and refreshing with a medium body and moderate carbonation. The apricot flavour is present but not overwhelming. It is well-balanced, with just the right amount of fruitiness and bitterness, and would pair well with light, summery foods like salads, grilled fish, or fruit desserts.

Sam Smith's is a classic English brewery, founded in 1758 and still going strong. The brewery is notable for using it's own borehole, and fermenting beers in huge stone "Yorkshire square" fermenters. Their beers are sometimes viewed as a throwback to "the olden days", but they are far from old-fashioned - in fact many of their beers inspired the first generation of American craft brewers when they were first imported to the USA in the late 1970s.Over the years, they have moved increasingly towards using organic ingredients, feeling that these give the best results. Their beers are all certified by the Vegan Society.
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