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SAMUEL SMITH BREWERY Organic Cider wholesale

SAMUEL SMITH BREWERY Organic Cider - 550ml

  • ABV: 5.0 %
  • Origin: Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England
  • Case Size: 12 x 550ml bottles

Product Details

The moment Samuel Smith's Sparkling Cider reaches your lips you can immediately taste the gentle and sweet flavour of the light straw colour. With a body as light as a summer breeze, you'll get a full and distinct apple flavour that bursts across your taste buds and leaves a smooth, delightful finish with just a hint of apple blossom. This wonderful cider is made by the oldest independent brewery in Yorkshire and comes with a proud reputation of being medium dry. The perfect combination of crisp sweetness and tartness that makes Samuel Smith's Sparkling Cider a classic British delight.

- Yorkshire's Oldest Brewery Est. 1758. Sam Smiths brews a wide range of high quality beers, solely from authentic natural ingredients. English hop varieties such as Fuggles and Goldings are used to add bitterness and aroma to Samuel Smith’s traditional ales in the antique boiling coppers. Malted barley, in the form of grist, mixes with heated well water in copper mash tuns. The grist is then sparged with more well water to create wort. The wort contains natural sugars from the barley which are suitable for fermentation.
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